What's included in the tiny house price?

We’re not fans of the current industry standard in which you see the “starting price” that includes nothing but the shell. Obviously, all clients are different, and most people will likely want to make some tweaks. But what are you supposed to do with just a shell? You want doors, windows, insulation, and interior walls with electrical and plumbing already installed.

And that’s exactly what you get with RUUM Tiny Houses. Our “Standard Package” is for a fully functioning house with windows, a roof, and everything the average person would expect from a tiny house.

Batteries included

Our Standard Package gives you a more accurate understanding of the final costs than most similar offers on the market. So you don’t need to worry about any big surprises down the line. And when you buy a RUUM Tiny House, you’ll get something that’s move-in ready from day one.


The exterior includes a RUUKI metal roof, our in-house produced yakisugi cladding, weatherproof house wrap, Rekman wooden double glass windows and door.

Living room

LVT flooring, in-house produced and treated plywood wall and ceiling panels. LED lighting along the profile of the windows and down the full length of the ceiling. A custom movable ladder to maximise space on the first floor while not in use.


FIBO wall and ceiling panels, LVT flooring, walk-in shower, flushing toilet.

Second floor

Plywood floor panels, LED lighting strip along the full length of the house, 2 electrical outlets in bedside compartments.

What does the purchase / production process look like?

Our tiny houses are made from pre-built factory modules that slot together on your build site. This means there’s no need for road closures or heavy lift cranes. All the modules can fit on regular trucks or even car trailers if needed. This way, we leave the smallest possible footprint and can assemble our houses in hard-to-reach places where lifting a full house with a 50-ton crane is just not feasible.

That said, we understand buying a tiny house isn’t as simple as buying groceries. So, we’ve outlined our process from first contact to final delivery below. Read on to see what you can expect.

Start of your tinyhouse journey

We know every client is different, so we are happy to discuss your unique needs. Get in touch and we can answer all your questions.

Nailing down the details

If you’re ready to go tiny, let’s nail down the specifics. From finishes to fittings. We can do this in person, over the phone, or via email. Whatever works best for you.

Come see the prototype

We have a RUUM tiny house demo set up and ready for guests. Come see it in person to get a feel for the place.

Let's make it official

If you’re ready to commit, it's time to make it official. We’ll draw up a contract giving you peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect from us and the build process.

We start the build process

Once we have the contracts signed and you've sent over the deposit, we'll get to work! Cutting will start right away and we’ll order all the raw materials so you don't have to wait.

You can start preparing your site

While we’re busy cutting, you can get to work prepping the site. Water, sewage, electricity, and a foundation can all be done at any time before delivery.

The house modules are finished

As soon as the last module is finished in our factory, we’ll give you a call. The house is ready for delivery!

Time to transport

When all the prep work is finished the house will be transported to your site. There's no need for road closures, a crane or heavy specialised equipment ruining your yard.


We’ll set your house up on site from the prebuilt factory modules. You’ll have a finished and move-in ready tiny house before you know it.

Time to enjoy your new tiny dwelling

Your brand new tiny house is ready to go! We’ll hand over the keys and it's all yours.

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